IFC-based building renovation scenario generator


In this innovator circle we presented and discussed the RenoDSS building renovation scenario generator which generates IFC files that represent potential renovated building configurations based on: (i) the IFC representation of the current building configuration, (ii) potential renovation measures selected by the user and their defined mapping to IFC elements, and (iii) a rule set on how these renovation measures can be combined and applied on the building. The automated and BIM-based approach enables the efficient generation of renovation scenarios, the calculation of renovation scenario KPIs, and the identification of the most suitable scenarios by comparing the scenarios‘ KPIs. Validation at two pilot sites has shown substantial time savings at generating renovation scenarios, calculating their KPIs, and identifying the most suitable renovation scenario for the individual renovation project.

This event took place as part of the European Digital Innovation Hub. Funded by the European Commission, the  Austrian Federal Ministry of Labor and Economic Affairs and the FFG.