TerraZo – A deep dive into site-specific map generation and application for everyone


Precision farming and site-specific agriculture can reduce the application rates and save expenses while on the other hand the yield can be maintained if not increased. Additioanlly, the influences to the environment can be reduced, as excessive fertilizer or field spray chemicals do not pollute the environment.

The fundamental parts of site-specific agriculture are application maps and technical equipment to apply these rates at their according locations.

TerraZo is serving both of these parts as it guides the user through the generation and creation of application maps and provides a mode where the farmer can apply these rates with his existing mobile device without any additional expensive purchase of specific hardware. This system (in comparison with all the other systems and services out there) is provided for free to create the biggest possible impact in practical application. In this lecture the participants had made a deep dive into the easy to use and self-explaining map generation, how to improve results and use the application reliably an all circumstances.

The participants, also other EDIHs members via online Zoom, got a detailed information about how application maps via TerraZo could be generated, applied and how the proposed application recommendations could be interpreted.

 Die Veranstaltung fand im Rahmen des European Digital Innovation Hub Programms statt und wird durch die Europäische Kommission, dem Bundesministerium für Arbeit- und Wirtschaft sowie der FFG gefördert.

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